How Not to Boil a Frog (btw, we’re the frog)

Al Gore’s documentary film An Inconvenient Truth is painful to watch, just like any accurate source of information about global climate change, but it’s loaded with useful information (even though it’s slightly dated now–which unfortunately makes it look more optimistic than anything else).

My favorite moment of that film is this one:


The thing I love is that it explains, in a nutshell, exactly what we have to do and exactly how to do it. The frog is our future self: the hand that reaches in for him is our present self, the rescuer. Rescuing the frog is a heroic task, inevitably difficult and painful (we aren’t going to be eager to stick our hand into that scalding water), but necessary, and also incredibly empowering.

Gore points to local, individual, and family action as essential to solving the climate change problem. I’m very much with him on that. If we aren’t willing to change ourselves, how do we expect to convince other people, businesses, and governments to change what they’re doing?

As for me, I’ve been working on a project to start making a noticeable difference in climate change locally; I’m hoping to be able to announce that with my next post.