Release the Worms!

Since I got involved in resisting climate change, I became very interested in local foods (as you may know). Getting interested in local foods, I threw myself into gardening. Beginning to garden, I learned what I could about composting. Learning about composting led me to the wonders of worm composting (“vermiculture”). It can be done neatly and without bad odors, indoors, with very cheap materials, turning out top-notch compost in a short period of time. What’s not to love? Not to mention there are cute little cuddly worms involved.

You don’t compost with just any worms: the proper species are red wigglers. Since there’s no place to get those locally (which of course would be my first choice–and no, buying them from a local store that orders them through the mail doesn’t count), I went online to Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm and ordered me up a batch. I also went to this Web site, where I did a rough approximation of the instructions there to get a bin ready for my new little invertebrate friends. (By the way, I tried their suggested method of gathering worms and sadly came up with nothing but snails and slugs.)

Here my worms have just arrived and are going into their new home. Please excuse the extra camera movement.